Burntrock Lake to Kenoji Lake

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32 km
5 days
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800 m
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230 m
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One of the most popular "Fly In--Fly Out" routes in Wabakimi, this relaxing downstream trip boasts easy portages, no large lake crossings and awesome angling opportunities. Optional sidetrips can be incorporated to extend the route. Allow extra days for leisure activities and for inclement weather.

Day One
Depending on flight arrival time, drop-off point and weather conditions, canoeists may opt to spend the remainder of the first day in Burntrock L. at one of several campsites on the large island.

Day Two
Paddle E into the easternmost bay of Burntrock L. to the Palisade R.
Portage 230m.
Paddle downstream.
Portage 65m on the north bank.

Day Three
Paddle downstream.
Portage 45m or liftover on the east bank then portage 135m on the east bank.
Paddle downstream.
Portage 135m.
Paddle E to the point on the north shore where there is an excellent campsite.

Day Four
Paddle S across the widest opening in the Palisade R. system.
Portage 90m from the southeast bay.
Paddle downstream.
Portage 90m on the west bank.
Paddle S, then E to a swift narrows which can easily be negotiated.
Paddle S through a gentle swift and into Kenoji L. to a large, elevated campsite on the west bank.

Day Five
Paddle west on Kenoji L. to pre-arranged pick-up point (varies according to weather conditions).

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Burntrock Lake 52 I/13
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Provincial Series (1:100,000) Whitewater 52 I/NW Wabakimi Provincial Park Map Section Map S-1 Crimestoppers North of Superior Explorer Maps
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Wabakimi Provincial Park features very few `loop` routes. Extended parking of unattended vehicles is not recommended for several reasons (mechanical failure, lost keys, vandalism, remoteness and lack of hitchhiking opportunities). Visitors are encouraged to leave their vehicles with a local outfitter and use the latter`s air and/or road shuttle services.

Float plane charter rates are usually quoted per mile for the total round trip distance. Only one canoe can be attached externally to a Beaver or Cessna effectively reducing passenger capacity by one. Trips involving air shuttles should allow for unscheduled delays due to inclement weather.


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


We just returned from a 6-day trip on this exact route. My husband and I took our three boys, ages 8, 10 and 12, and this was their first canoe trip. This route was ideal for a first "serious" family canoe trip. The portages are easy, the fishing awesome, the swimming wonderful, and there was an abundance of great campsites. We used Canoe Frontier, a Pickle Lake-based outfitter. The owners, Lynn Cox and her husband Bernie, are extremely knowledgable, dependable and professional -- not to mention they're just great people. They supplied all our equipment, food, and flew us in and out. It was a perfect family trip!

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


Everywhere that you have "novice" should read "moderate" or "Intermediate"

Very remote

We use Otters which can carry 4-5 passengers and 2 canoes