Howard L. to Beaverhouse L.

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30 km
2 days
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Start at the Howard Lake boat launch which is off Hwy #672 (the road to Esker Lakes Provincial Park off Hwy. #66). There is good parking at the launch site.

From the Howard Lake access site go south on Howard Lake into Misema Lake where there are pictographs on the north shore

Continue down to the shallow spill dam between Beaverhouse Lake and the Misema River

Lots of little bays to explore with great scenery and wildlife

A nice side trip is to paddle 3 km north to the top of Howard Lake where there is a waterfall and rapids.

A 40 metre portage around the small rapids takes you up to Kennedy Lake

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32 D/5 Magusi River 32 D/4 Larder Lake
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The spill dam ensures that the water levels are constant.

This trip should be done as a loop. The road to Beaverhouse Lake is in pretty rough shape.

There are a number of cottages around the access site at Howard Lake, but generally it is a pretty quiet area.

There are native pictographs on Misema Lake.

Camp sites on Beaverhouse Lake are pretty dirty - lots of garbage.

Barbara Gray


Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


We paddled this route last summer. It was an easy paddle. Heavy motorboat travel, especially when we stopped in the narrow channel to take pictures of the pictographs. Amazing spot. We camped on a rocky point, it was clean, but noisy with early morning fishing boats.
We did a loop trip.