Foch-Nagagami Route 1

CanadaOntarioHudson Bay, James Bay north
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90 km
5 days
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6970 m
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1700 m
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By train from Hornepayne
Access at mileage 27.2 on Foch River
North then east on Foch River
P 500 m L on Foch Island at rapids
P 40 m R around Baldrock Rapids
P 260 m R around Boulder Bay Rapids
P 40 m R around rapids
P 600 m L around rapids
East across Nagagami Lake
East on Nagagami River
P 350 m L around Couchiching Rapids
Northeast on Nagagami River
P 110 m L around rapids
P 70 m L around Trout Rapids
P 600 m L around Gull Rock Rapids
P 50 m L around White Owl Rapids
P 1500 m L around Dirty Bush Rapids
P 50 m centre of island at Island Rapid
P 1700 m around Jack Pine Rapids
Finish at Hwy 11 bridge over Nagagami River 61 km west of Hearst

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42 F/6 Nagagami Lake 42 F/10 Ahmabel Lake 42 F/15 Pitopiko River 42 F/7 Nagagamisi Lake
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42 F/SW Obakamiga Lake 42 F/SE Hornepayne 42 F/NE Calstock (Provincial Series Maps)


Post date: Tue, 08/14/2018 - 10:50


An amazing northern river trip!!!

We ran most of this route in May 2018, one week after ice out. It took us 4 days to paddle from the Obakamiga to Highway 17. We entered at Sagi rapids on the Obakamiga River after a lengthy portage down old logging roads. Length of the portage depends on how far you drive down the old logging road (4x4 only!). Portage length will vary from as much as 7500m to as little as ~3000m. We We were able to make our way down a good chunk of the road and portaged 5.8km to the Obakamiga River. Suggest using a canoe cart for this trail as the old roads make for an easy, flat walk. Most of the portages were in great shape, except for the two longest (Dirty Bush and Jack Pine). At lower flows it is likely possible to run/line Dirty Bush, and the lower half can be run at high flows (See map for details). Dirty bush is really.... dirty! A rotting Poplar forest with downed trees crisscrossing the trail. The path can be hard to follow at times, especially in open areas and swampy sections (You will likely get your feet wet in the bogs). Jack Pine is a mandatory portage and is absolutely brutal. Downed trees and thick regrowth with some steep sections. There is one climb with a rope assist and the final descent is very steep. Allocate 3x the amount of estimated time (per distance) to single carry both of these portages. An amazing route with some thrilling CII-CIII whitewater in the spring!

Teaser Video

Updated Canoe Route Map

Post date: Tue, 07/09/2013 - 20:00


It's also possible to fly in above Nagagami Lake onto one of the lakes such as Obakamiga feeding the Nagagami River and paddle down to the lake from which the route is the same as Gary says. See Maurice Oliver in Hornepayne for booking a flight. Portages above the lake on the Nagagami will probably not be cleared. Take an axe. Fishing is generally good for pickerel, some trout. Not good route for families. Good for people who like to explore.

Post date: Sat, 05/12/2012 - 00:52


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Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


Foch river enters Nagagami lake in a bay with an island at the entrance of the main lake. Island has a suitable camping spot but short on firewood. There is a lodge on Nagagami lake if canoers are in trouble. This is a spectacular trip with excellent speckled trout fishing in Nagagami river and pickerel fishing in the foch and Nagagmi lake. Nagagami lake is a large round shallow lake and can get rough very quickly. Head dead east from the island to reach the Nagagami river. There are long flat stretches betwwen the lake and Gull rock rapids. The river then picks up speed and becomes quite enjoyable.