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If the trip program is the heart of the WCA, then its quarterly journal, Nastawgan, is the soul. More than merely a club newsletter, the journal is a resource for articles and reports about wilderness travel and informs members of WCA trips and issues in the paddling community. You will find submissions by club members and other like-minded outdoor adventurers as well as each season’s Events Calendar. Nastawan accepts a wide range of topics from wilderness canoeing and winter travel to club events and training reports, historical and environmental subjects, photo essays, equipment reviews, letters to the editor, news briefs and other paddling pieces.
A sample article is included here to give non-members a taste of what to expect if they join the organization.

WCA Journal Index
The WCA now has new Journal Index that would be a useful aid in tracking down past articles in Nastawgan or earlier WCA journals.  If you would like to research a canoe trip or any item of interest that has been printed in the past, you may search the Index by subject and title.  The publications are not stored online, but you can make a request for copies of articles of interest in the Bulletins page of this site. Follow this link to Index here .
Please be aware that the WCA does not stock past issues of the journal, nor does the WCA guarantee  the availability of any past issues of the WCA Journal.  
Back Issues of Nastawgan
The WCA’s editorial team has introduced a new online Nastawgan archive that you can search (by subject and title) to view past articles of the WCA journals. To view this archive, link to Nastawgan Archive here. The Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. has back issues of Nastawgan in the Periodicals Centre, on the fourth floor of the library. Issues of Nastawgan that are up to five years old are normally kept on the shelf. Older issues, dating back to 1982, may be found in the archives. Ask the library staff for assistance.
Contact Information:
  • Submissions of stories, book review, or other written work to be considered for publishing in Nastawgan should be submitted to Toni Harting (Editor-in-chief) at
  • The following dates are the deadlines for each issue of Nastawgan during the year:
        January 15, (spring issue)   April 15, (summer issue)   July 15, (autumn issue)   October 15, (winter issue)
Editorial Team:    
          Editor-in-Chief   Toni Harting
          Associate Editor, Resources  Bob Henderson
          Associate Editor, Food  Barb  Young
          Associate Editor, Outings Bill Ness
          Associate Editor, Illustrations Aleks Gusev