Recognition Program

The WCA is grateful for the contribution that our outings organisers make to the success of our club. These dedicated volunteers generously share with us their time, knowledge and enthusiasm to enable the rest of us to enjoy our outstanding outings program. Through them, we experience new places to paddle, learn new skills, and meet new friends. In recognition of the personal commitment of members who have made the effort to organise outings for the club consistently over an extended period of time, the WCA will reimburse these organisers for fees to complete outdoors and paddling related courses that improve their outdoors capabilities and the outings program in general.

Examples of courses that would be eligible for reimbursement are:

  •  Basic First Aid
  •  Wilderness First Aid
  •  River Rescue Course
  •  Re-certification of above course
  •  Selected O.R.C.A Courses


Outings organisers would be eligible for reimbursement on the following basis:

  • An organiser who has organised a minimum of three outings in the previous calendar year can qualify for a single flat payment of $50.00 as reimbursement towards fees paid for any approved course passed.
  • For a minimum of three outings per year in each of the past two years, the payment is increased to  $100.00.
  • For a minimum of three outings per year in each of the past three years, the organiser can qualify for the plan maximum of a $200.00 fee repayment.

The program is for reimbursements of course fees only and the payment amount cannot exceed the cost of fees paid.  Should the applicant choose a course with fees exceeding the reimbursement amount for which the member qualifies, then the payment is a partial fee reimbursement.

There is a limit of one course per member per year, with the exception of re-certifications. As an example, one could qualify for reimbursement for a first aid re-cert, plus a first time river rescue course. For this first year, the club has allotted a budget of $1500.00 for the incentive program, and payments are on a first-come, first-served basis. However, to avoid disappointment, applicants who apply after the allocated annual budget has been used up can apply for payment in the following calendar year.

Applying for Reimbursements
Applicants should apply to the Outings Committee for reimbursement approval. They need to provide the receipt for proof of payment of fees along with a copy of the certificate showing the course has been successfully completed. Members considering taking courses other than those on the above list are requested to contact the Outings Committee to verify course eligibility. This incentive plan is being provided to recognise the commitment of those organisers who are regular contributors to the success of our outings program, while at the same time encouraging these individuals to pursue accreditation in recognised outdoors skills courses that will make our club trips a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

WCA Outings Committee:
Bill Ness, 416-321-3005,;    
Scott Card, 905-665-7302,;
Gisela Curwen, 416-484-1471,;