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Canoe Trips are organised by member volunteers for the enjoyment of other members and their guests. If you are not a member but find these trips are of interest, please consider joining the organisation by submitting an application. All trips listed in Nastawgan will be posted here.

If you lead canoe trips for the WCA on a regular basis and intend to expand your leadership skills through accredited courses, you may be eligible for course reimbursement.
For details, see the Outings Organiser Recognition Program.

WCA canoe trips may have an element of danger. The ultimate responsibility for each member's safety is his/her own.

Trip organisers are requested to print a copy of our Waiver Form which should be signed by each participant of your trip.
Link to Waiver Form Here.

Wilderness Canoe Association Outings

Ray Laughlen 705-754-9479 Email ---- There are many canoe routes in Haliburton County that offer superb lake tripping. As I live in Haliburton and have a flexible work schedule, I visit these areas frequently, especially during the week. If you would like to paddle with me, give me a call. Outings are suitable for novices.

Johanna de Bruijn Email ---- Book by May 8. A women's whitewater weekend on the Lower Madawaska for both experienced and novice paddlers This is your chance to try whitewater or maybe to paddle stern if you've always been in the bow. It is an opportunity to take instruction from Beth Kennedy, a very accomplished whitewater paddler and instructor who has taught at both MKC and Paddler's Co-op. Beth understands the need for efficient paddling, especially for women. The clinic is open to tandem as well as solo paddlers. There will be a charge of $65 / person for the two days, for a minimum of 8 participants. Fees will be slightly higher if fewer paddlers participate. Paddlers would be required to provide their own boats, properly outfitted with thigh straps and air bags. (Contact Paddler Co-op for rental availability). Helmets are mandatory.

Jun 13     GRAND RIVER
Doug Ashton 519-620-8364 Email ---- Book by June 1. This very popular annual trip seems to be a great draw for all levels of paddlers, including families. Over the last five years we have enjoyed perfect weather, portage free paddling, and a social barbeque that has followed our outing. This is a wonderful day to enjoy an easy moving river and to socialize with other WCA’ers. The trip will start in south Cambridge, where we will put in, and then paddle to Paris. We will pass through scenic farm country, negotiate some easy Class one water, and stop for lunch along the way. Those interested are welcome to join us back at our house in Cambridge for some food, beverage, and social time.

Gillian Mason & Derek Lancaster 416-752-9596 Email ---- Book by May 22. Join us on several portions of historic fur trade canoe routes this spring. On Saturday we will paddle a portion of the beautiful Mattawa River from Pimisi Bay to the Campion Rapids. On Sunday, we will travel over the "newly uncovered" La Vase Portage from Trout Lake to Lake Nipissing. We will be camping at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park over the weekend (your responsibility to book a site), and there is also the opportunity of visiting the park's voyageur museum. All paddlers who are comfortable in moving water would enjoy this trip through canoeing history. Contact us for further information.

Bob Fisher 416-487-2950 Email ---- Book as soon as possible. June is a great time to paddle the open Bay, with long evenings, open rock campsites, long vistas, and fewer bugs. We will start at 10:00 am Friday morning, and be back by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Limit of 4 members (singles or tandems) comfortable paddling on open water with the possibility of wind. There may be a park fee if we camp in the park. We will have 2 group dinners, which will require a $10 per person contribution to the kitty. Plus there will be a parking fee.

Jun 20 - Jun 28      ASHUAPMUSHUAN RIVER
Jay Neilson & Frank Knaapen 613-687-6037 Email ---- Book by May 24. The Ashuapmushuan River is located north of Lac St Jean in Quebec. If you have been whitewater paddling all spring, you will be in great shape for this challenging Class 2-3 river that requires confident ferrying and eddying skill in big water. Fully outfitted whitewater boats, including spray decks, are mandatory. May 28 update: We have 2 tandem boats, and a third tandem or solo would be welcome. If interested in joining us, please contact as soon as possible.

Jun 26 - Jun 28      OTTAWA RIVER
John & Sharon Hackert 416-438-7672 Email ---- Book before June 20. Three days on the Ottawa for big water fans. We are fortunate to have access to the most beautiful campsite on the river. The Ottawa is big water and many of the rapids are quite difficult. You should be at least a strong intermediate paddler to safely enjoy it. We recommend that you join us on some of our spring trips to develop and practice you skills before attempting this river. Fully outfitted whitewater boats are required. Limit six boats.

Jun 29 - Jul 3      WOLF LAKE AREA
Cheryl Stoltz & David Atkins 905-830-0720 Email ---- This is a family trip- kids very welcome- through an area of old growth pine forest and landscaped similar to the LaCloche Mountains. It's a very beautiful area. Plus there are lots of historical sites for us to visit. The trip is exploratory as we hve not been to this location before. We may loop back on a poorly maintained route. Route is easy, and we're hoping to have a day to kick back and relax. Trip length approximately 90 km. Longest portage is 1200 m. Suitable for flatwater paddlers with tipping experience who like kids.

Bill Ness 416-321-3005 Email or Jon McPhee 905-640-8819 Email ---- Book as soon as possible. This is a two-day workshop for flatwater paddlers who want to develop basic moving-water skills. It should be of interest to trippers who want to become more comfortable negotiating the moderate moving-water they often encounter on river trips, and to canoeists who want to determine if whitewater paddling could be for them. We will focus on the basics of moving water boat control and maneuvers, water reading, and safety. Both tandem and solo paddlers are welcome. The weekend will be spent at Palmer Rapids on the Madawaska River, one hour northeast of Bancroft. The location offers some of the best novice to intermediate whitewater in Southern Ontario. In order to be able to work closely with participants, registration is limited to 5 boats. Prerequisites: Participants must be able to steer a canoe competently on flatwater. A Royalex canoe with supplementary floatation (air bag, air mattress, inner tube, etc.) to simplify recovery when you capsize is mandatory. If you need to rent a canoe, you should register and reserve the boat immediately as there are very limited numbers available with outfitters. Vest-type PFD’s, helmets, and square-bladed, T-gripped whitewater paddles are necessary. Lastly, you must feel at home in the water to enjoy this workshop.

Bill Ness 416-321-3005 Email or Jon McPhee 905-640-8819 Email ---- Book as soon as possible. Most newer whitewater paddlers see the Gull as it tumbles down the stretch of rapids at the Preserve as a very intimidating piece of water. Yet it provides one of the best technical whitewater challenges in Southern Ontario, and does so from spring to fall. If you comfortable with Class 2 to 3 water, and are looking to develop your skills further, this is the next step. We will take a progressive approach from the bottom, gradually analyzing each part and allowing you to gain confidence and progress up the river. Over the weekend, you will find both your paddling and your water reading skills growing; skills that will help you as you move on to other challenging whitewater. Suitable for solid intermediate tandem or solo canoeists. Limit of 5 boats.

Aug 1 - Aug 3      OTTAWA RIVER
John & Sharon Hackert 416-438-7672 Email ---- Book before July 25. Three days on the Ottawa for big water fans. We are fortunate to have access to the most beautiful campsite on the river. The Ottawa is big water and many of the rapids are quite difficult. You should be at least a strong intermediate paddler to safely enjoy it. We recommend that you join us on some of our spring trips to develop and practice you skills before attempting this river. Fully outfitted whitewater boats are required. Limit six boats.

Aug 10 - Aug 13      CHINIGUCHI RIVER
Anne Bradley Email or Bob Bonham Email ---- Book by Jul 25. East of Sudbury, we will paddle Matagamasi Lake to Chiniguchi Lake and back, or possibly loop back on a poorly maintained route. This is no longer a “lost canoe route” since it was popularized by Kevin Callan in his book of that name; nevertheless, it is new to the organizers. Landscape similar to Killarney; old-growth red pine, ancient travelway that follows traditional portages. Bring your “party piece” for campfire entertainment. Beginner route. Limit four boats.

Aug 29 - Aug 30      LOWER MADAWASKA RIVER
Aleks Gusev 416-433 8413 Email ---- Book by August 7. This trip is suitable for novice & intermediate paddlers Good portage trails allow you walk all rapids. This is a beautiful stretch of river that you will adore! Whitewater instructions & stroke tune up will be provided, if desired. We meet at Paddler Co-Op in Palmer Rapids either Friday evening August 21 or by 9am Saturday morning. We will return to camp on Saturday evening for the famous cevapcici (prepared by chef Aleks), and paddle Palmer Rapids on Sunday. Must have fully outfitted boat & safety gear if paddling rapids. Rentals available from Paddler Co-Op. Maximum of 6 boats, with priority given to new WCA members.

Sep 3 - Sep 8      PETAWAWA RIVER
Attila Barbacsy 613-969-6583 Email ---- Contact me as soon as possible. This will be a very leisurely paddle down the Lower Petawawa from Lakes Traverse to McManus.There will be plenty of time to scout rapids or play in them, enjoy camp, do photography or nature study. Campsite bookings are as follows: Sept. 3- Lake Traverse. Sept. 4- Thompson Rapids. Sept. 5- Crooked Chute Rapids. Sept. 6- Five Mile Rapids. Sept. 7- Lake McManus. Back to the car on the 8th.

Sep 5 - Sep 7      OTTAWA RIVER
John & Sharon Hackert 416-438-7672 Email ---- Book before August 28. Three days on the Ottawa for big water fans. We are fortunate to have access to the most beautiful campsite on the river. The Ottawa is big water and many of the rapids are quite difficult. You should be at least a strong intermediate paddler to safely enjoy it. We recommend that you join us on some of our spring trips to develop and practice you skills before attempting this river. Fully outfitted whitewater boats are required. Limit six boats.

Gary James 416-512-6690 Email ---- Join us once again for this Fall Festival weekend canoe trip. We have booked a group campsite on Big East Lake near Haliburton off HWY 118. As food is the theme for this trip, there is only one short portage to the lake. The lake is small in width but big enough to explore for the day. The permit fee, and the Saturday dinner of turkey with all the trimmings will be a group effort for the purchasing and cooking, with the cost split among all participants. We are limited to 8 tents and 16 people. Please consider sharing a tent on this trip so we can maximize the number of participants.

Oct 2 - Oct 4      WCA FALL MEETING AT MKC
---- Please join us at the fall meeting for a weekend of paddling, renewing old acquaintances, and making new friends. By popular demand, we are returning to the Madawaska Kanu Centre in the beautiful Madawaska Valley near Barry’s Bay. There are many opportunities nearby for flatwater, and, of course, whitewater paddling, as well as hiking, biking, and sightseeing. Bring any experienced gear or boats that you would like to sell or swap. See the newsletter and website for details and registration form.

Oct 5 - Oct 20      COULONGE RIVER
Jay Neilson 613-687-6037 Email ---- Exact dates and route will be determined by organizers and participants. There should be spectacular fall hardwood scenery on this remote two week tour that starts in the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve. Basic whitewater skills are required to enjoy the trip, and there will be some portaging so you will need to pack for this. Due to the time of year, participants must anticipate cold weather and water, and be suitably outfitted to deal with both.

Oct 18     BURNT RIVER
Bill Ness 416-321-3005 Email ---- Book by October 11-----An opportunity to work of the calories from last week’s Thanksgiving dinner. An easy flatwater river trip from Kinmount to above the village of Burnt River. The Burnt always has enough water to be paddled. Pretty scenery and a few short portages make this a good late season outing. A great day out for families or anyone wanting to enjoy the fall woods from a boat.

Bill Ness 416-321-3005 Email ---- It’s not unusual for us to get late season rain, which brings the rivers up. However, at this time of year it’s often very cool (a euphemism for cold) and the days are short. One of our favourite day trips at this time of year, if we have water, is the Black River near Washago as it winds through the Black River Wilderness Park. It’s just an hour to an hour and a half drive for most of us in south central Ontario. The car shuttle is only 10 minutes long and the car never far away if you get cold. And best of all, it has a whole bunch of Class 1-2 rapids packed into that short distance. If the weather and water are really good, we can combine it with a short but challenging Class 2-3 section of the Head River nearby. We have a regular group of late season fanatics who enjoy it. As this outing is very much water and weather dependent, we make our decision to go a couple days in advance. If you want to be put on the call list, let me know.

Diane Lucas 905-826-0875 Email ---- Join us (Diane Lucas, Rick Sabourin, Bruce & Beth Bellaire, Barb & Dave Young) for a weekend of hiking (or the remote chance of cross- country skiing) the weekend of Nov 13th to 15th. We will stay at the farmhouse at Highlands Nordic in Duntroon (, and will hike in the Pretty River Provincial Park and at Kolapore Highlands. Accomodation is dormitory style and the cost dependent on the number of participants but should be around $50/person. You will provide your own food but a pot luck dinner will be organized for Saturday night. If you are interested please contact Diane Lucas

Nov 28 - Nov 29      WILDERNESS FIRST AID
---- This course, taught once again by the eminently qualified Lee Chantrell, in conjunction with Paddler Co-op, comes highly recommended by all who have taken it. It will equip you with the basic skills you need to deal with a wide range of medical emergencies that could be encountered in the outdoors. If you are a regular outings organizer, this course qualifies for reimbursement under our Organizer Recognition Program. Please see details in the newsletter or on the Events page of the website. Special thanks to Aleks Gusev for organizing this educational event.

Jan 10 - Mar 14      WINTER POOL SESSIONS
Bill Ness 416-321-3005 Email ---- We have a tentative booking at our usual Scarborough pool at Albert Campbell Collegiate (Finch at McCowan) for Sundays from 5:00 to 6:30 pm, with 10 sessions from January 10 through to March 14. Assuming last year’s rental rates still hold, a whole winter of paddling pleasure will cost you only $100. Sorry, but I don’t have dates & fee confirmations from Toronto Parks & Rec yet due to the recent civic workers strike. I will post an update under this trip listing when I get the confirmation. Whether you’re an experienced boater looking to refine your technique or a new whitewater paddler looking for help with your roll, this is a great opportunity. Open canoes, C-1’s & kayaks welcome. Call me as soon as possible to book a spot as space is limited. I do have a few extra boats that people can borrow on a first-come, first served basis.

For short-notice trips, check the wca website BULLETIN BOARD.



For questions, suggestions, proposals to organise trips, or anything else related to the WCA Canoe Trips, contact any of the members of the Outings Committee:
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