About Canadian Canoe Routes

Richard Munn started Ontario Canoe Routes in 1995 and by 1998 it had become Canadian Canoe Routes.

Initially there were no forums; people emailed questions to Richard and he would then manually post the answers on the site. A 'busy' day at that time would have been about 20-25 visitors. Today we regularly get many thousands of visitors each day!

Some basic discussion forums were introduced when the site changed to Canadian Canoe Routes. All routes that were received were manually entered as html pages, as no databases existed.

There have been several evolutions of the site as it continually grew. Finally it became too much for a single person to handle and was sold to the Wilderness Canoe Association in 2006.

The site has grown tremendously so that we now have about 15,000 members registered on our forums, almost 350,000 posts in the forums, approximately 1000 routes in our database, free access to the Nastawgan journals up to 2017, a recipe database, and a huge collection of route information compiled by Allan Jacobs.

We look forward to many years of continued growth both in our user base and in the information we are able to make available for free to everybody.