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Alberta Resources

UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks / Parcs des montagnes Rocheuses canadiennes.
The contiguous national parks of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho, plus the provincial parks of Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine and Hamber.
Dinosaur Provincial Park / Parc provincial Dinosaur.
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump / Le précipice à bisons Head-Smashed-In.
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park / Parc international de la paix Waterton-Glacier.
Wood Buffalo National Park / Parc national Wood Buffalo.

UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. ... adamap.htm ... p?code=CAN
Ed note: I was unable to find links in the French language.
Waterton. ... 2&mode=all

Environmental NGOs.
Alberta Wilderness Association.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
CPAWS, Northern Alberta Chapter.
CPAWS, Southern Alberta Chapter.
The Big Wild. MEC and CPAWS.
Canadian Wildlife Federation.
Alberta Environmental Network.
Sierra Club, Prairie.
Nature Conservancy Canada; Alberta and The North. ... b_ncc_work
Conservation de la nature Canada; Alberta et le Nord. ... b_cnc_work

Parks Canada.
National Parks of Canada; Alberta.
Elk Island.
Waterton Lakes. ... ional_Park
Wood Buffalo.
National Historic Sites of Canada; Alberta. ... eux71.aspx

Canadian Aboriginal Cultural Resources.
Ed note: The source for these links is the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Aboriginal Canada Portal. ... index.html
Aboriginal Canada Portal; Heritage and Traditions. ... 26711.html
Native American Technology and Art.

Handbook of the North American Indians.
William C Sturtevant, General Editor.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Volume 3: Environment, Origins, and Population.
Douglas H Ubelaker, Editor.
The natural environment of the continent to which Indian cultures adapted in prehistoric and historic times, natural resources utilized by these cultures, current knowledge of the earliest Indian occupation (before 9,000 BC), and human biology of Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) populations, prehistoric, historic and modern. 2006.
Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations.
Wilcomb E Washburn, Editor.
History of Indian-White relations in the US and Canada following 1492. 1988.
Volume 6: Subarctic.
June Helm, Editor.
Indians from interior Alaska to Labrador. 1981.
Volume 13: Plains.
Raymond J DeMallie, Editor.
Indians of the prairie and high plains of the US and Canada. 2001.
Volume 17: Languages.
Ives Goddard, Editor.
Native languages of North America spoken by American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts. 1996.

General information, offline.
Ed note: For general information that is not specific to Alberta, please consult the offline entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
ALLAN: Add David Thompson books.
Brink, Jack W. Imagining Head-Smashed-in: Aboriginal Buffalo Hunting on the Northern Plains. Athabasca University Press (2008).
Noel, Lynn (Editor). Voyages: Canada’s Heritage Rivers. Breakwater Press, Saint John’s (1995).
Russell, Dale R. Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours. Mercury Series Paper no. 143, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa (1991).
Review by Michael B Payne: ... cree.shtml
Tyrrell, James Williams. Journal of his 1893 trip across the Barrenlands.
Route (modern names and spellings):Toronto, …, Edmonton, Athabasca (30 May, 1893), Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, Lake Athabasca, Fond du Lac, Selwyn Lake, Dubawnt River, Beverly Lake, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Churchill, York Factory, Oxford House, Norway House, West Selkirk (1 January, 1894) and the railway.
West, Darlene. Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies for Dummies. Frommer's (2006).

General information, online.
Ed note: For general information that is not specific to Alberta, please consult also the online entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
Early Canadiana Online.
Geographical Names of Canada.
Cree material.
Cree readings and resources.
North Saskatchewan River Museum and Archive Bibliography.
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance.
Rocky Mountain House and David Thompson things.
Cockburn, R H (Editor). To Great Slave and Great Bear / P.G. Downes’s Journal of Travels North from Île-à-la-Crosse, in 1938.
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
Part 5.
Ed note: Part 5 is available also at Northern Waterways ... iew/73/46/
Route description: To be prepared.

Provincial Parks.
Government site.
Wikipedia site. ... cial_parks
Ed note: Toporama shows many parks not listed at Alberta Parks.

Paddling clubs and associations.
Provincial bodies.
Paddle Alberta. (formerly the Alberta Recreational Canoeing Association)
Organizations belonging to Paddle Alberta, with contact information.
Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association.
Alberta Whitewater Association.
Local clubs and associations.
Ed notes:
1, Major sources for the following were the Paddle Alberta site (above) and CanoeKayak Canada: ... ub_prairie ... ub_prairie
2. Please inform me of omissions/corrections/whatever.
Borealis Canoe Club. Fort McMurray.
Bow Valley Kayak Club. Calgary?; whitewater and polo.
Ed note: Includes Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak.
Bow Waters Canoe Club. Calgary.
Calgary Canoe Club. Sprint.
Calgary Kayak Club. Whitewater.
Canadian Kayak Club. Whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Ceyana Canoe Club. Edmonton; tripping.
Cochrane Kayak Club. Whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Cottonwood Kayak Club. Whitewater.
David Thompson Brigade Society.
Drayton Valley Paddling Club.
If this link fails, contact information is provided at
Edmonton Paddling Centres Association.
Contact information at
Grande Prairie Canoe Club. Tripping.
Greater Edmonton Racing Canoe Kayak Club. Sprint.
Hinton Strokers. Whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Leduc Boat Club. Sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Medicine Hat Canoe and Kayak Club.
Contact information at
Mistaya Paddling Club, Edmonton; whitewater.
Northwest Voyageurs Canoe and Kayak Club. Edmonton; general.
Oldman River Canoe and Kayak Association. Lethbridge; whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Pinch-O-Crow Creekers. Lundbreck; whitewater.
Formerly Pincher Creek Canoe and Kayak Club ?
Red Deer Canoe and Kayak Club.
Rocky Canoe Club. Rocky Mountain House.
Rosslyn Outdoor Club Kayakers. Whitewater.
Saint Albert Canoe and Kayak. Sprint.
Sheep River Canoe and Kayak Club. Whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Sundre Paddling Club.
Tarsands Canoe & Kayak Club. Whitewater.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
United Alberta Paddling Society. Edmonton; whitewater.
Waterlogged Paddling Club. Lethbridge.
Waterwerks Kayak Club. Calgary; whitewater.

Links for paddlers.
Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route.
Canadian Canoe Museum.
Our Canoeing Heritage. ... e-mainhtml
Canadian Heritage Rivers System.
I Speak for Canadian Rivers.
Canadian Rivers Network. ... twork.html
Google maps.
Google Earth.
Great Canadian Rivers.
Trans Canada Trail.
Links specific to Alberta.
Alberta Rivers.
Alberta Lakes.

Government links for paddlers.
Natural Resources Canada; Topographical maps. (Toporama)
Information about Lifejackets and PFDs from the Safe Boating Guide. ... 24.htm#lj1
Lifejackets and PFDs. ... u-1692.htm
Minimum Safety Equipment Required for the Size and Type of your Pleasure Craft. ... nu-690.htm
NB: In the case of any discrepancy between the information on this page and the Small Vessel Regulations, the formal regulatory text shall remain the final authority.
Formal regulatory text / Small Vessel Regulations. ... 1-eng.html
Links specific to Alberta.
Road map.
ALLAN: Find and post link; preliminary search failed.
Ed note: Eight watersheds, used also by Paddle Alberta. ... dsMap.aspx
Water levels. ... fault.aspx
Environment Canada, water levels. ... &region=AB
Weather. ... html?id=AB

Colleges and Universities with Outdoor Education programmes.
Ed note: Thanks to ice-breaker and woodenkayak guy for the links.
Mount Royal University (Calgary). Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. ... /index.htm
Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops). Certificate, Diplomas and Degree in Adventure Tourism.
University of Alberta (Augustana/Camrose). Major or Minor in Outdoor Education.

Paddling and related information, offline.
Alberta River Guides.
Available from Paddle Alberta. ... tabase.asp
Kanawa. Canada's Paddling Magazine. Published quarterly by Paddle Canada.
Go Trekkers. Map for sale.
Wood Buffalo National Park. ... ions&show=
Other guide books are listed at
North Saskatchewan River Museum and Archive Bibliography.
Lund, Mark. Mark’s Guide for Alberta Paddlers. ... tabase.asp
MacDonald, Janice E. Canoeing Alberta, Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton (1992, 1985?).
Wenger, Ferdi. Kanuatlas Kanada - Band 1. West- und Nordwestkanada. Diekmann/Thieme Verlag (1987). Athabasca River. Brazeau River. Milk River. North Saskatchewan River. Red Deer River. Smoky River. Available (text in German) at

Paddling and related information, online.
cartespleinair (Charles Leduc library).
then Canot, then Cartes (reports) or Canorama (overiew).
If you use any of the information supplied at cartespleinair, please consider making a contribution to the Fonds pour la Préservation des Rivières (FQCK) at
Che-Mun. The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing.
Ed note: Issues are available online two quarters after publication.
My Trip Journal.
Ed note: Search function is available but entries are apparently unsorted by activity or location.
Nastawgan. Published quarterly by the Wilderness Canoe Association.
To view the Index, go to
Once there, select a Category (for example Trip information).
To view the Archives, go to ... pubCode=NJ ;
digitization of the database is incomplete and the Search features are not useful.
Out There.
The canoe-related Route information is largely under Adventure/Sports but you might want to look at other folders.
Links specific to Alberta.
Ed note: See also the paragraph Paddling sites.
Paddle Alberta.
ALLAN: Post specific links. ... tabase.asp
Every Trail. ... te=Alberta
Ed note: BC also. ... 72&t=h&z=3 Flatwater, whitewater, sea kayaking.
No entries at time of posting. ... atecode=AB
ALLAN: Fix following!
REI. Flatwater, whitewater, sea kayaking.
No entries at time of posting.

Paddling sites.
Ed notes:
1. Please inform me of omissions.
2. I post links to reports at these sites, but only sporadically.
Andrew Allan.
Bryan Hansel.
Mark Lund.
Christian Roux,
Darin Zandee.

Route information at CCR
First a comment on our coverage:
CCR's founder, Richard Munn, started with Ontario Canoe Routes and went national only later. Since the acquisition, we have made strenuous efforts to improve coverage of the other provinces and territories.
We must rely on the paddling community to write most trip reports, but we can help in other ways. One of our initiatives, which continues, has been to search the net for trip reports and to post links to them, as described below.

CCR provides Route information in a variety of ways. The two main sources follow.
• The Route Information stickys posted at Canadian Route Forums & Resources
Click on Discussion & Resources for the province/territory and then on the Route Information sticky for the river/lake of interest.
Once the new Routes section is up and running, we shall transfer all these entries to it.
• The Routes section at
contains more formal trip reports.
The Browse feature
gets you to a map of Canada. Clicking on a Province/Territory gets you to a map with paddling regions for that P/T. Another click gets you to a list of Routes in the region. We’ll fix things, but some Routes are filed incorrectly; check other regions if you can’t find what you want.
The Search feature ,
which accesses the same database, allows you to look for Routes satisfying certain criteria. We don’t find this feature so useful and shall likely change it.

You might look also at the Trip Reports folders posted in Canadian Route Forums & Resources
Some paddlers post their trip reports in the Forums, rather than in the Routes database.
I go through these Forums several time per year and post links to the reports in the Route Information stickys.
Check out the note at the head of the thread to learn which entries have already been documented in the Route Information stickys.

In the final analysis though, CCR’s members are the most valuable source for Route information They are highly knowledgeable, highly experienced and eager to help. If you can’t find elsewhere the information you want, just post in the appropriate Provincial/Territorial Route Forum.

Route information (trip reports, links to trip reports, etc)
Statement of CCR policy regarding Route information.
If we can’t post the information ourselves, then we’ll try to provide the paddling community with easy access to it.
We welcome your contributions to our library of trip reports and other Route information (for example links to other sites with such information, in general just about any similar contribution to the paddling community); please post in this thread or send email to routes(AT) .
Statement of CCR policy regarding copyright.
Copyright to the original source remains with the provider.
Copyright to CCR's presentation of the information belongs to CCR Inc.

Thanks to Bryan Hansel, Mark Lund, Monster, Vernon Neis,, Christian Roux, Rich & Wendy and D.R.Zandee.


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Hi Allan and All;

Please note that ARCA the Alberta Recreational Canoe Association has now become [b]Paddle Alberta[/b], and the new web site and e-mail address are:

Many thanks for all your work here with CCR

Mark Lund
President, Paddle Alberta (for 2009 anyway!)


Mark Lund

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