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Nova Scotia Route Information
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Author:  Allan Jacobs [ April 4th, 2011, 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Nova Scotia Route Information

Nova Scotia Route Information

At present, Route information at CCR is filed in two places, the Routes section and the Forum threads. I constructed five regions to file this information, as shown at the following map of
Paddling regions. ... anoeroutes
This link provides direct access to Nova Scotia Route information filed in the Routes section.
Here are links to Route information presently filed in CCR's Forum threads
Fundy region ... 19&t=37644
Northumberland / North Shore region and Cape Breton region ... 19&t=37643
Southeast / East(ern) Shore region ... 19&t=34189
Southwest / South Shore region, Inland Routes ... 19&t=34190
Southwest / South Shore region, Coastal Routes ... 19&t=40668

Comments on the choice of regions.
For display (mapping) reasons, CCR must use the same regions for both Inland and Coastal Routes. Also, CCR bases regions on drainage basins, in order to minimize cross-listing of Route entries.
Three choices for regions are available from
Nova Scotia sources:
1. Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia uses six regions; each region includes both Inland and Coastal Routes.
2. The Nova Scotia government uses five regions for Coastal Routes
3. The Nova Scotia government uses four regions for Inland Routes
After some thought and experimentation, I decided to use the Nova Scotia government's five regions (with minor variations of interest only to fussbudgets) for both Inland and Coastal Routes.
Thanks to anonymous, jdripley and magoo_ns for assistance.

As well as in the Routes section, members post trip reports in the
Nova Scotia Trip Reports folder
I go through this folder several times each year and post corresponding links in the Forum threads.
Readers might check this source also.

For general information on Nova Scotia and paddling there, go to
Nova Scotia Resources ... 19&t=27640

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