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If I had a day or 2 in Yellowknife I would.....?
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Author:  Paddle Power [ August 25th, 2015, 3:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: If I had a day or 2 in Yellowknife I would.....?

Thanks for the update.

Author:  cheryl [ August 26th, 2015, 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: If I had a day or 2 in Yellowknife I would.....?

Keele was excellent. It was in full flood when we started at the confluence of the Natla, and the water never moved less than 10km/hr. One day we clocked 22 km/hr. With it in flood it meant that sometimes you went 5 hrs and had nowhere to get out, and lots of hazards (trees, mud slides, falling rock). A lot of rapids were washed out, but there was never any water that was not moving at an incredible speed. Big rolling haystacks too. Never been on a river like it. It was like a bulldozer has come and carved out a big ditch lined with rocks, and the water slammed in from every direction all the time with stretches of rolling haystacks. Quickly learned that you just needed keep moving from the faster line of moving water to the next line of fastest moving water, and that kept us out of trouble in areas like the Braids and the outside channels were there would surely be hazards. It was a lot of fun , and not technical like most of the rivers we have paddle here in N. Ont or Quebec. Views made my heart stop with beauty! 5C some mornings, up to 10C or 12C others. It rained every day, but we never packed up in driving rain. That was for the river mid-afternoon every other day. Sometimes it was just drizzle. Gotta say, that even with dry socks (or neoprene booties), your feet got very cold (water temp ranged from 3C -10C) even out of the wind in the bottom of the canoe, and summer paddle gloves did not keep your hands warm at all, even if they managed to stayed dry. With, with 21.5 hrs of daylight, it was easy to dry out each night. Beautiful "sunsets". Rain also meant lots of rainbows, most often double. Only had high winds one night. Our 14 year old (turned 15 on the trip) is already talking about going back, but knows our pockets aren’t that deep! If I have to save another 16 years, I will be 70, and he will be married and have a mortgage. Could hope for an inheritance from a long lost rich uncle??? :thumbup: He has his eye on the Wind, Raventhroat or Redstone :roll:

We ended up in Yellowknife for 2 nights as we decided to eat the suck up the extra cost to give our son a proper tour. The rest of our party did not get to see much at all, and none go to the Legislature or Museum as they booked the standard one night up. It was worth the cost, as Yellowknife was an experience he will not forget. Just following Litterredcanoe's advise - we may never get to have the opportunity again.

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