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Pipelines - Understanding the other other side...
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Author:  Erhard [ September 18th, 2013, 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Pipelines - Understanding the other other side...

A recent visit by the Cdn Env minister shows the government's perception why they think the pipelines for dirty oil should be built:

He said the U.S. State Department’s own analysis of the pipeline proposal showed that the “environmental impacts are manageable and not significant."

...after hearing from bankers, financiers and analysts during his New York visit, Oliver said there is concern in the private sector about the “timeliness” of the proposed projects becoming a reality.
“These are opportunities that have a certain lifespan. It’s wrong to assume that because the resources are in the ground, it doesn’t matter when you get them out,” he said.

from ... eline.html

The first part I do understand their logic - the cost to business of a major oil spill can be deflected to the tax payer (as in the Lac Megantic example) and a few thousand premature deaths in the sticks are no big deal. That's different for us...., especially if we live in the areas impacted by potential spills (like being downstream from such a pipeline).

The second part seems to be money-related. For them, their obligation is to their investments they count benefits only in single years and maybe a decade or two for long-term. As a society, we of course have a need to be concerned about generations to come, and thus depleting resources within a 10 or 20 years is a stupid thing to do.

Understanding these differences is important when entering a discussion of these pipelines.

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