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Author:  scouter Joe [ April 16th, 2005, 4:17 pm ]
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My opinion you do not need a skirt for the east branch of the Spanish River . This trip was the first one we ever did . We had 2 canoes and I had our 9 year old and my wife had our 12 year old with her . We started at Duke Lake and paddled to the Elbow in 4 days . Besides not knowing what we were doing we didn't have or need a spray skirt . We were able to run all the rapids and had a great time . If you go past the Elbow you will have some rapids that need to be portaged but like any rapid , stop and carefully scout it before deciding that you will run or portage .
Unless I'm reading your discription wrong I wonder what kind of canoe you have that takes on water in gentle rapids . Some canoes are more bouyant and run much drier than others . Perhaps this is your problem . scouter Joe

Author:  Brian Sexsmith [ July 13th, 2005, 4:38 pm ]
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thanks guys this is all good stuff we have dicided to rent a ww canoe all of this stuff is taken care of but I have dicided to make my own padle if any one has any sugesgens on what type of wood to use for a laminated one that would apreceated but put it on my other form ... hp?t=13350


Author:  Foxfire1 [ July 14th, 2005, 7:12 am ]
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Just did the east branch 1st week in July, all the rapids were run , none real challenging. We had 2, 12 year olds and 2, 16 year olds with us. I think the challenge is to view the rapids as a ski hill and get the most fun out of them! Also if you catch a lot of eddy's your chances of getting in trouble are lessened.
There is a great place to surf the canoes below Lower Athlone. And don't forget to bring your fishing rods, the Pickreal fishing was great! (yellow jigs in the eddies)

Author:  dreamstream [ July 14th, 2005, 7:43 am ]
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IMO there is nothing even remotely close on the spanish to justifing a spray cover in an normal water levels anyway. If your taking on too much water there is most likely something else at play; ie boat too small, too much gear, paddling style.

I would choose the west branch over the east as mentioned in above posts. Also I would take a plastic boat, not because it is a must, but simply to make the rapids more fun. I know that I would have to portage more on the spanish with a fiberglass canoe. Paddled the west branch 2 years agowith a plasic canoe, the portaging might have added up to 50m on the west branch though we did carry gear around a couple drops after the forks in the graveyard section (which demand respect).

Author:  bearburrito [ August 30th, 2014, 3:31 pm ]
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Painter length, tips in lining, pin kits, rope tricks, zed drag, rescue knifes, scouting, a bunch of knots I should practice, paddle type/length, back forward cross, sweepers strainers holes.

I would like to thank all with your contributions to various threads. I have been slowly digesting the moving water section and all of you seem to be experiencing far too much enjoyment. I'm picking a low water, less challenging month although I guess rain and dam flow from Biscotasing will have a role to play. I will definitely skip harder portions of the river and I'm marking my maps and making notes. Eyeing up a Raven for the trip.

Thanks again.

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