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july 8 tom tomson died 100 years ago
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Author:  swedish pimple [ July 9th, 2017, 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  july 8 tom tomson died 100 years ago

tom tomson 100 years since he died, t v o has a special program that aired last night about the life and death of "tom tomson". lots of art work displayed, just a great show. "algonquin" images. also shows t.t. white/ grey canoe (just for you rob)
t v o also produced another documentary,, this time about the "group of seven" art work. a husband and wife, team up with friends trying to locate the actual spots where the artist sat/ stood while painting each piece. comparing the art work to the landscapes using photos. the team travels through algonquin, slate islands, north shore of superior looking for clues as to the exact spots.
do you have a favourite member of the group go seven?, i like lawern harris and frank johnson, are my favs,,, have you been to the art gallery in klienberg? just outstanding place to go and relax. i sit on the floor and gaze at the art. :thumbup:
these two programs are available on t. v.o. to watch now, go to the site and click on documentary grab a coffee sit and enjoy. :thumbup:

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