Clothesline Strategies

Don't lose items from your drying line in the  breeze!

Sew a loop of nylon cord in the corner of towels, dish towel, dish sponge -- and any other items (where practical) that you might want to hang on a line to dry overnight. Slip the loop around your drying line first, so if it blows off, it won't go far!

Leslie Dutton

Clothesline Strategy No. 2

I read this in a book, but can't recall which one.  The rope (I use 1/8" nylon) should be 2-1/2 times longer than the span between your trees.  Stretch a line tightly between 2 trees, make a couple wraps around the tree, then double-back, and tie simple hitches over the over the taut line every 6 or 8'.  Keep the line taut, and tie it off on the tree where you started.  When you hang your clothes, towel, etc., hang them over 1 line only, and the 2nd parallel one will keep the item from being blown off.  Much lighter than clothespins, and better than finding your wet, dirty stuff on the ground.

Jon Lowrance