Trip Prep and Food Topics

This section of the site is about technique ....the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and paddle a safe, enjoyable wilderness canoe trip.
For the novice paddler, this section should be a good guideline to assist you in planning your first trip.  Even the intermediate and experienced wilderness canoeist should be able to glean some useful knowledge from these pages. 
Below is a list of the main categories of this section and in the left column are all the links you can follow.

  • Planning
    A detailed look at the most important part of any canoe trip - planning. 
  • Problems
    Remember Murphy's Law?  This section has information on the things that can go wrong, and what to do about these problems.
  • The Trip
    Useful information related to the trip itself - what we should do while we're out paddling or at the campsite.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Here's some really useful information.  All of the little ideas and brainstorms that canoeists have come up with over the years to make life easier.
  • Food and Recipes
    • Recipe Collection
    • Submit Your Recipe
    • Meals & Menu