Trip Style

People venture into the wilderness in canoes for many different reasons, not all of them compatible. We have to keep this in mind as we put together a paddling group. As an example...

  • People have different expectations when it comes to comfort level on a trip. Some are satisfied with a fairly Spartan existence, but others prefer to bring along a few of the luxuries to make themselves more comfortable.
  • Some people prefer to paddle aggressively and get to their campsite early. Other like to dawdle and take time for lots of breaks and enjoy the scenery as they paddle.

We have to ask ourselves if we are trying to mix oil and water. Are we trying to combine a few people that want to fish with others that just want to paddle? Are we trying to mix a group of extroverts with one introvert?

These are all things we have to keep in mind. There is no "right" style of canoe trip - the basis of enjoyment is doing whatever we enjoy while we are out paddling. We just have to ensure that the trip philosophy or style of this particular outing is compatible with all members of our group.