Chocolate Fondue


Chocolate - a bar of good quality dark chocolate. Or you can use white chocolate to make your guests go wild.

Milk powder Pineapple chunks - fresh pineapple is great



cookies etc

Cooking Equipment: 

frying pan or small pot.

Cooking Time: 
5 min

Prepare the fruit by cutting it up into bit size pieces. You can use anything you like with chocolate, even old bread. Make up some milk using milk powder. Add a bit of it to the frying pan and start to heat over low heat. Add the chocolate. The quantities are approximate. You want to melt the chocolate and dilute it a bit with the milk. Be careful not to use too much milk. You can always add more. The idea is to get the mixture a bit thinner than just the chocolate, but still thick enough to stick to the dipping food. The added milk prevents the chocolate from getting hard as it cools. Keep stirring so the mixture does not burn. Put the frying pan on a rock and stand back, or you'll get crushed by the crowds.


For years I have used chocolate chunks found in Bulk Barn - cheap low quality. They don't melt too much in the heat, but I now use good quality dark chocolate. Great for kids, but my adult buddies fight over the last bit of chocolate. I never have to wash the frying pan.

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