Chocolate Pudding Pie


Graham Cracker Pie Crust pre made OR

2cups Crushed Graham Crackers

5tbsp of melted butter or oil INSTANT POWDERED Chocolate Pudding Pie Filling


Powdered Milk(optional)

Cooking Equipment: 

Pie Tray or Fry Pan forks Ziploc Bags

Cooking Time: 
5 min

1. If you bring the Graham Cracker crust already molded in the pie tray skip to step 3. 2. 2cups of Crushed Graham Crakers in ziploc bag Add approx. 5tbsp of melted butter or oil in bag, Close bag and mix crumbs so it's a little sticky. Once mixed mold in pie tray or lid of fry pan or fry pan. 3. In a ziploc bag add INSTANT POWDERED Pudding Pie filling Powder to ziploc follow instructions and add water and powdered milk if necessary. Seal bag and shake up. 4. Once mixed add pudding contents on top of the Graham Cracker Crust and let sit for a few minutes. 5. Keep the pie in the pie plate or fry pan gather everyone around, arm them with forks and EAT!!


I find this to be a great recipe when I am introducing tripping to new paddlers or when their are children around. Oh, who's kidding who this is great for anyone anytime! Lots of fun go for a swim after to wash those sticky fingers and faces! Everyone Smiles!

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