Fry bread


2 cup flour

Tblsp yeast

Tblsp salt

Tblsp sugar

Veg Oil

Cooking Equipment: 

- Regular back packing stove - Flat bottomed pan, 6-8\" diam - Some utensil to flip the bread when it\'s hot, i.e. I use a wood spatula

Cooking Time: 
15 min

Two stage process. In the morning, I mix small amount of lukewarm water with sugar and yeast. Cover and let stand for fifteen minutes. Mix with flour and salt and knead until uniform texture. Place into large zip lock freezer bag and keep near top of food barrel. When preparing for supper, knead the dough once. Start the stove and heat a bit of oil in the pan. When hot, cut the dough into three or four pieces and flatten. Fry each piece individually. Flip when it gets brown. Add fresh oil and allow a few seconds to heat before starting the next piece. As a variant you can add pizza ingredients/toppings after you flip. You will need a lid for this.


Originally based on a recipe from NOLS, I believe. Submitted By: Erich Ritzmann

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