Home Style Pea Soup


Split yellow/green dry peas - 1/2 lb

Potatoes - 2 medium

Carrot - 1

Onion - 1

Parsley root-1small (optional)

smoked bacon ~ 1/4lb or up to taste(can be substituted with any kind of smoked sausage/meet - up to 1/2 lb. You will need some vegetable oil to fry onion and carrot in this case)


Allspice - 4-6 seeds

Bay leaves - 2

Dried/fresh dill weed (optional)

Salt, black paper by taste

Cooking Equipment: 

saucepan & frying pan

Cooking Time: 
35 min

Dried peas have to be soaked in cold water beforehand. About 3 hr. will be sufficient. More is not a problem, but not more than 10hr. When you start cooking, put your peas into a sausepan with cold water (2.5l), get boiling and boil for about 20min (small fire). You will get some foam while boiling the peas. It is OK. You can collect it by a spoon and throw it out. In the mean time, cut bacon into small pieces and fry on a frying pan till it becomes golden. Leaving fat from the bacon on the frying pan, add fried bacon pieces to peas. Also, add salt, allspice, bay leaves and dry dill weed. Fry chopped onion and carrot together in the fat left from the bacon till golden color. Add to peas. When peas are almost cooked, add chopped potatoes and finely chopped parsley root. Boil for about 7 min or till poataos are cooked. If you have fresh dill weed, add before taking the soup off the fire. At the same moment, add black paper. Enjoy!


It's all time favorite dish. Yes, it requires some cooking, but it is completely "home made", and believe me, it makes a good difference! People tend to like it more with smoked sausage instead of bacon. 1/2 lb is good for 5 person. (it just can't be too much:) I usually buy a piece of a double smoked Polish sausage specially for this soup and ask them to vakuum pack it. It stays OK for a long time this way. To have the soup for supper, we usually soak peas at lunch by throwing them together with a couple of glasses of water into a tight plastic bag and leave it inside the kayak for the rest of the day. When we arrive to a campsite, it is ready for cooking.

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