Lazy Perogies


250 grams Cheddar Cheese (cut into small cubes or shredded )

1 Onion (Sliced) Bacon Bits (real in little packs or fake bacon)

1/2 Shell Noodles -2 cups

Potato Flakes 1 cup

Cooking Equipment: 

Pot, Frying pan, stove, Big Spoon

Cooking Time: 
15 min

1. Fry onions in a frying pan until they are cooked through. Put aside. 2. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. 3. Add noodles and cook until the noodles are ready. 4. Remove from heat 5. Drain off about ¾ of the water into a separate pot. (Don’t throw this water away! You’ll need it later on) 6. Add Potato Flakes to the pot with the noodles and stir them in. The potato flakes will soak up water quickly and will dry up the water in the pot. 7. SLOWLY add the water you kept to the pot (remember step 5?) to the potato flake-noodle mixture until they reach a consistency that you think you can eat. 8. Add cheese, fried onion and bacon bits to the mixture. 9. Stir entire mixture together until cheese melts! 10. Eat and Enjoy!


This is the ultimate lazy-persons meal! It’s so easy to make even the worst campsite chef can fire up a pot and feed the group in a very short time.

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