Mango Chicken


250 ml sticky rice (glutinous rice)

750 ml Chicken (hydrated vol)

2 dried mangos (sliced)

15 ml Basil 2 onions (chopped)

250 ml sweet red or yellow pepper

250 ml dried pineapple chunks



250 ml sweet chilli sauce for chicken (mae ploi or similar)

62.5 ml chicken stock or bit of a stock cube

62.5 ml hot chilli sauce (lingham\'s or similar)

30 ml soy sauce

7.5 ml finely chopped lemongrass

15 ml lime juice

Cooking Equipment: 

Nalgenes (2) 2 pots

Cooking Time: 
25 min

Soak rice in nalgene for at least 3 hours prior to meal. Hydrate all other non sauce ingredients in nalgene at least 3 hours prior to meal. Cook rice until thick with 2:1 water:rice. When sticky and thick its done. Heat hydrated ingredients, and add sauce ingredients to them. Simmer for 10 minutes or so.


Feeds 2 very hungry people. Was the favorite meal on my recent 25 day Wabakimi trip. To make it efficently, you need to do the following: Measure out ingredients so that they are easy to access. Dried chicken, mango, pineapple, onion, pepper, and basil all pre-measured and in a bag so that you can just dump them into a nalgene to re-hydrate. Mix all sauce ingredients except sweet chilli sauce, and simmer on stove at home, place sauce in sterilized nalgene. Will keep for at least 25 days, assuming summer temps, and occasional opening of bottle. Do the same with another nalgene and the sweet sauce. Thus, you only have to hydrate the ingredients, cook the rice, heat the ingredients, add the sauces, and enjoy.

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Dehydrated Meal: 
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