Nutty Crunch Granola


1 box oats

1 cu wheat germ

8 oz sliced almonds

1 cu sunflower seeds

1 cu rasins

1 cu brown sugar

12 oz honey or corn syrup

margarine or non stick spray

Non Fat dry creamer.

Cooking Equipment: 

2 baking pans, large mixing bowl

Cooking Time: 
120 min

at home: mix all dry ingredients in bowl. Coat baking pans with margarine, oil or non stick spray. Spread dry mix in trays to depth of 1 inch. Sprinkle brown sugar over mixture and lightly drizzle with honey or corn syrup. Place in pre heated over at 350. Check every 15 minutes, turn and drizzle more honey. Done when golden brown and crunchy. Pack in plastic bags with a tablespoon of dry creamer, 1 cu granola per person. Add 1 cu hot or cold water at camp.


Everyone knows how to make granola. It's labor intensive but so much better than the store bought kind. Be creative, you get to decide what to add! Submitted By: Jose Joven

Vegetarian Recipe: 
Dehydrated Meal: 
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