One pot dinner


1 box hamburger helper.

1 lb of lean ground beef.

1 lagre onion chopped up (not too small).

1 can of mushrooms & juice

1 can of chili (Stag is good).

Cooking Equipment: 

Stove / Fire

Cooking Time: 
30 min

In a large pot add a bit of butter or oil and begin to brown the beef. Add the onions and cook until beef is almost cooked. Then add the mushrooms, chili and remaining liquid required for the hamburger helper. Bring to a boil and add hamburger helper. Continue to boil until stew thickens up to desired consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste after done.


This is a really easy meal to prepare since it is all in one pot. You hardly have to watch it. We eat it all the time. You can omit the chili and canned mushrooms if you substitute a little more water and fresh mushrooms cut up.

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