Pizza (Gourmet)


Pizza Dough Ingedients


1 tablespoon active dry yeast
2 Tbs of sugar

1 1/2 cups (350 cc) warm water
3 1/2 cups (500 g) flour

4 tbs of oil
pinch of salt


Pizza Toppings


Hehydrated Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese - as much as you like.

Dry pepperoni (you want something that doesn't require refrigeration)

Any other toppings you want (green pepper, tomato, mushrooms)

Cooking Equipment: 

For this recipe you need an outback oven or you could use a dutch oven. It would also help if you dehydrated all your the pizza toppings to cut down on weight, but is not necessary.

Cooking Time: 
45 mins



If you want to go as light as possible try dehydrating all the veggies and your pizza sauce. It doesn't take long to dehydrate and is well worth the effort to cut down on the liquid weight of food. If don't care than just take fresh veggies and a small can of pizza sauce along for the recipe. You can reconstitute the veggies and pizza sauce with a bit of hot water. From experience green and red bell peppers or mushrooms reconstitute the best.


Putting It All Together


Set aside 2 tablespoons of flour to help keep your hands from sticking when working the dough. Mix sugar with water and yeast. Let the yeast activate for at least 5 mins. Mix yeast mixture with flour and salt. Make sure to fold the dough a few times to get some elasticity in the pizza crust. Place the dough in a pot, cover and let it rise for about 30 mins. Seperate dough into 4 seperate balls, one ball for each individual pizza. Form the pizza dough by hand and place it in the outback oven with 1 tbs of oil in the outback oven pan. Place your pizza sauce and toppings on top and cook for 5 - 10 minutes. Use your nostrils as when it smells like pizza, your ready to eat.


This is a tried and true recipe from many canoe trips.

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