Red Beans and Rice


2 Packages Red Beands and Rice (Any variety will do, I prefer the type, Old Carolina for instance, in cellophane versus a box which needs repacking.)

1 pound summer sausage

Hot Sauce to taste

Cooking Equipment: 

4 qt Pot with cover

Cooking Time: 
25 min

Put two qts water in pot. Add both packages red beans and rice. Bring to boil. While waiting to boil, peel and cube summer sausage. Add to rice mix. When it starts to boil reduce to simmer, stir occasionally. Ready to serve when beans are soft. To reduce fuel usage I turn off stove early and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to finish hydrating and cool a little. Individuals add hot sauce to their taste after serving.


Lightweight, delicious meal. Keeps forever, a favorite meat dish towards the end of the trip. Ingredients can be found in a grocery store.

Vegetarian Recipe: 
Dehydrated Meal: 
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