Salsa Soup


1 package of large tortilla

1 pkg of PC Too good to be true low fat instant Black Bean Dip

1 jar of Salsa OR preferrabley PC White Corn and Black Bean Salsa

250 g cheese stick (optional)

4cups water (to start)

Cooking Equipment: 

pot and fry pan

Cooking Time: 
15 min

This is a variation of the Black Bean and Salsa on the Tortilla Recipe. Can be served cold. Before leaving home, dehydrate the Salsa to make a leather. Break up and place in a zip lock bag. At lunch time: Add salsa to 4 cups hot water to start. Add in the bean dip. Taste. Add more water to taste - usually a total of 6 cups leaves it zippy and zesty. Break up the tortillas into pieces, and fry up in a touch of oil until crisp. Sprinkle with the grated cheese on the soup and serve.


Can use cold water, but hydration takes longer. A recipe that happened by accident, but is very yummy and filling.

Vegetarian Recipe: 
Dehydrated Meal: 
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