Wilderness Adventures Pot Roast


3-4 lb sirloin tip beef roast; freeze then wrap in wet newspaper and freeze in a solid ball to lengthen the keeping time; in styro cooler should keep 4-6 days;

3-3 tablespoons dehydrated onion soup

1 pkg dehydrated tomato vegetable soup some dehydrated vegetables, carrots, corn, peas etc.

personal preference seasonings; thyme, garlic powder, Italian spice etc.

some flour or starch to thicken cooking juices

Cooking Equipment: 

Large Pot with fitted lid

Cooking Time: 

Brown the roast on all sides in some oil; Add 3 cups of water and the dehydrated onion and tomato vegetable mix; Cover and simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours turning the roast in the liquid checking to make sure that there is enough fire to keep the meat simmering but not too much to burn Add dehydrated vegetables for the last 20-30 minutes When finished remove the roast and vegetables and thicken the remaining juices with the flour/starch; Carve the roast and serve on a bed of rice or pasta with vegetables and sauce.


Pick a day when you will have plenty of cooking time as this cannot be rushed (a rain day or a cool windy day); Seasonings vary as tastes do; use your imagination; try adding the juices left over from mustard pickles to give roast a sauerbraten flavour; or beer; or Dijon mustard; Cajun spice; etc. We reuse the styro container as fish bucket with damp sphagnum to keep it cooler.

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